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English lessons for Creatives, Musicians, Media and Content Producers; and everybody with Wil Baker: All Those Food Market or Spaniards know how to throw a good party.

Spaniards know how to put on a good party.

I was riding my bike on Sunday when I saw an event in the grounds of the National Theatre of Catalonia. It was called the All Those food Market.

Stall holders prepared all kinds of great food and it was a joy to see the passion in the preparation, quality and service.

There were fantastic stands for craft beers, wines, cocktails and alcoholic brews. I don’t usually drink in the daytime but I tried some samples and they were very tasty. So I grabbed a beautiful beer and sat in the sun like everybody else.

Inside the theatre, stall holders displayed all kinds of remarkable hand-made and eco-friendly products including oils, bread, pastries, snacks, kitchen products and fruit. I tried some Kale chips and a piece of bread with a chorizo paste. Yum.

While some sat down to eat, drink and talk with friends and family, others were engaged in food workshops.

Inside and outside in the sun, the music was fantastic and people were randomly dancing all over the place. As I sat there enjoying myself, I thought about how easily Spanish people seem to put on a good party. I have seen it all over Barcelona on different occasions. There is a natural tendency in Spanish culture to enjoy the good life. And its infectious. I love it.

As I left the event, 3 hours and 3 beers later, I was shocked to see a line of people inside the fence, 100 metres long, waiting to get in. The line went around the corner outside for another 200 metres! I felt so lucky that I had come in early. And its a credit to the organisers that they only let more people in after people walked out. This way the numbers inside the event didn’t get too big and turn the whole thing into an overcrowded nightmare.


As I rode away, the clouds that had been building all morning were started to get bigger and blacker. The rain was on its way. But I don’t think a drop of water would dampen the spirits of those enjoying this fantastic, gastronomical event.

See the link for the next one.... https://allthose.org/category/Barcelona/

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